Black Ops 2 Has a "Prestige 12" Exploit - Rumor

It seems Black Ops 2's Master Prestige might not be the last prestige level after all...

by on 2nd Jan, 2013

Just last month, we posted that a few people found more prestige emblems in Black Ops 2. Of course, said emblems were from Black Ops 1, but that didn't stop people from speculating that more prestige levels were on the way. 

In relation to that post, we also reported on a few people hacking their way to becoming Prestige Master. Yep, that should account for all the Prestige Masters or other high-level prestige players you've encountered that didn't know how to shoot or do anything much.

Now, it seems, some people have not only hacked their way into getting Prestige Master status, but up to "Prestige 12." You read that right -- some people have hacked their way past the Prestige Master status. Does this mean Treyarch is planning on adding more? We can't say for sure now, but there is an accompanying emblem to go along with it and you can see it below.

As you can see in the image above, his prestige emblem is not one that's available in the game. Of course, it's worth mentioning that this could very well be a photoshopped image. Also what's odd is the lack of skulls in the emblem itself. In Black Ops 2, skulls are a big highlight of prestige emblems from eight prestige onwards. Not saying it's dependent on that to be legit, but seeing as how Treyarch seems to be a fan of WWE-insipired insignias or whatnot, it should be par of the course.

If this is legit and can be done via a hack, I suspect Treyarch must be planning this to coincide with Black Ops 2's Revolution map pack, which will hit Xbox LIVE in January. With how many people (legit and hackers) already hitting Prestige Master status already, I'd say adding more prestige levels would a good idea.

So, have you played with any "Prestige 12" players yet? If so, are they uber-good or just hacking their way to appear as if they're good? How would you want Treyarch to handle added prestige levels if it was up to you?

Source: At7Addak

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