GTA 4 Mod Lets You Be Iron Man in the Game - Must Watch!

Ever wanted to be Iron Man in a Grand Theft Auto game? Well, now you can!

by on 14th Jan, 2013

This weekend, we showed you a rather cool video of Grand Theft Auto 5's second trailer remade using Battlefield 3. If that wasn't awesome enough and if you wanted something as cool you can play now, then this mod for Grand Theft Auto 4 might do the trick

In the video below, modder H1Vltg3 has built an Iron Man mod that needs to be seen to be believed. It's not your usual skin mod, but the whole deal. Not only will the mod make you look like Iron Man, you can even fly, hover, and fire repulsor beams from your hands! 

If you're a PC GTA 4 player, you owe it to yourself to try this out.

While it's not perfect, it's as close to being an official mod as people will get. Heck, there are even fire trails and proper sound effects.  

If you're interested in more GTA 4 mods, we uncovered one where you can be Marty McFly and use the DeLorean in-game. Not interested in that? How about a Superman mod? It's not as impressive as the Iron Man one, but it should do if you're a fan of the big boy scout.

In more recent Grand Theft Auto 5 developments. Trevor's voice-actor might have been uncovered and in an odd way, too.

Thanks, Kotaku

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