Xbox 720 to Simply Be Called 'Xbox,' Microsoft to Make an X-Surface Gaming Tablet - Rumor

Here's another Xbox 720 rumor, folks! Read and enjoy...

by on 23rd Jan, 2013

It's another day, and you know what that means -- more next-gen "rumors!" This time, it's Pocket-Lint's turn who claims that Microsoft's next-gen console won't be named Xbox 720 or Xbox 3000, but just simply as "Xbox." Yes, the same name the company's first console was called and without any numbers or whatnot.

In addition to the name, the anonymous source states that they haven't had access to the next-gen Xbox's new controller but thinks the button placement must be similar to the current-gen Xbox's controller now since an Xbox 360 controller has been used in development. However, he/she also states that the look will likely be different since there are two design teams working on the controller alone.

If you're wondering why would Microsoft revert back to Xbox. according to the source, the next-gen Xbox is but one of many devices that will carry the "X" branding. One other device to carry this brand will be the 7-inch gaming tablet which will be called X-Surface.

It will, allegedly, a standalone portable gaming system. But it will not be a Windows 8 or Windows RT device. At the tablet's launch, it will have access to the game, music and video hubs of the next-gen Xbox but won't have an app of its own. It also won't have a desktop as part of its OS, but rather simply be focused on playing full console-quality games.

Needless to say, stuff like these should always be considered as rumors until confirmed/denied by Microsoft. While I can't vouch for the site's credibility or its "source," we wouldn't be doing our job if we didn't report it at all, would we? Just take everything with a grain of salt, alright?

So, what do you think? Do these Xbox and X-Surface rumors sounds plausible or is someone just seeking attention? Sound off and let us know.

Thanks, NeoGAF

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