Halo 4 CSR Ranking System Detailed by 343 Industries

343 Industries explains how the CSR system will work once its implemented in Halo 4.

by on 25th Jan, 2013

halo 4

343 Industries has announced in its latest Halo Bulletin that the studio intends to add ranks to the existing multiplayer game for competitive purposes. These ranks better known as Competitive Skill Ranks, or CSR, is a feature that’s set to launch in April with accompanying playlists.

Unlike the existing system, each CSR will be tied to a specific playlist, so players good at SWAT (for example) would have a unique CSR associated to that playlist alone and not with Team Deathmatch or any other playlist.

Your highest CSR will be promoted in your player profile or on the Halo Waypoint using a familiar 1-50 scale. Every player will begin with a fresh rating as soon as the system launches.

Today, 343 Industries’ community manager BSAngel wrote a short update about the CSR system with a mock-up of how it might look on your phone or on the Halo Waypoint.

halo 4 competitive skill ranks

She wrote: “We are focused on creating a seamless companion for pro and expert players without making a highly visible attractive nuisance for casual abusers and cheats. I asked the team to make a mock-up (which is attached to this post), but please note this is not final.”

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