Black Ops 2: Getting Prestige Without Killing - the Ultimate Prestige Challenge

Want the ultimate challenge in Black Ops 2? Why not try gunning for a Prestige without killing anyone?! Yes, it's possible!

by on 4th Feb, 2013

In Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, the easiest way to level up -- and in turn, Prestige -- is to go about tackling objectives and killing enemies. If you've already reached Prestige Master, perhaps there's another challenge you can try: and that's earning a Prestige level without killing anyone.

If you thought that feat was impossible, well, somebody is actually trying to accomplish it. Over on Reddit, user SilkyMuscles has posted a screenshot of (I presume) his Call of Duty Elite stats, where he's rocking a 0.00 Kill/Death ratio, a paltry Score-per-Minute of 131, but with a 100% Win/Loss ratio.

For those feeling adventurous, some people are suggesting that you use EMP grenades, riot shields with Perks such as Blind Eye, Engineer and other things to make sure you stay alive as long as possible without using your weapons to shoot. Although, you can use your weapons to shoot out C4s, claymores and other enemy equipment to net points, too.

For the game mode, it's fairly obvious Team Deathmatch is out of the question, but users are stating that Hardpoint, Domination are your best bets. Having the Scavenger Perk equipped would mean that you'll be able to throw EMPs, Trophies and other equipment more, but seeing as you won't be killing anyone, you have to have a teammate that's rocking the Scavenger Perk and just get the blue bags when they off someone.

I admit, I don't have the patience for this and I doubt I ever will. But for those looking for a new challenge in Black Ops 2, then this might be a viable alternative and is sure to make people wonder how someone with a 0.00 K/D is at Prestige 2.

Anyone willing to try this out or will it get boring fast?

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