Xbox 720 Games to Require Online Activation Codes and Connection to Function - Rumor

Here's another rumor that just won't keep on dying...but it's not one gamers will want to come true.

by on 6th Feb, 2013

Here's an Xbox 720 rumor that I really, really hope doesn't come to pass. According to EDGE, who has sources with "first hand experience of Microsoft's next-gen console," the Xbox 720 will always require an online connection to function and even need an activation code, too.

While Microsoft is pushing to online functionality, games will still be available physically for the Xbox 720, which will be pressed onto 50GB-capacity Blu-ray discs. It is believed the games themselves will ship with activation codes will "have no value beyond the intial user."

Additionally. a new version of Xbox LIVE will be an integral part of Microsoft's next-gen console, while an improved version of the Kinect is expected to ship alongside the unit. 

Truth be told, I don't see this flying with consumers at all. I mean, there are far too many countries and households who buy videogame consoles that do not have a stable internet connection. I doubt Microsoft would want to alienate that market, right? Then again, this isn't the first time we heard something like this for next-gen as Sony themselves patented an NFC tech that will "suppress" secondhand games.

Can a console that requires an online connection to function work? What happens if you're playing and then your net conks out? That question and more queries are surely on everyone's mind if Microsoft does announce something -- anything -- close to this.

Would you buy an Xbox 720 if Microsoft implemented such a feature or will they be doomed from the start just for trying? For the sake of people who buy secondhand games, let's hope this doesn't come to pass.

In non-depressing Xbox 720 news, it seems Project Gotham Racing 5 is scheduled to hit the Xbox 720 later this year.

Thanks, CVG

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