Watch Dogs Pre-Order Bonuses Leaked, Includes Single- and Multplayer Rewards

The pre-order bonuses for Watch Dogs appear to have been leaked.

by on 21st Mar, 2013

watch dogs preorder bonus

An image of Ubisoft's Watch Dogs has surfaced onto the net, containing what appear to be bonuses for pre-ordering the game.

It lists the items as a "uPlay Exclusive" full rewards pack, containing "x3 multiplayer rewards" which includes 3 skins, 3 $$$ perks, and 3 faction tags. The skins depict a man blue mask, a tattooed and balaclava-wearing thug, and a bank robber in a black ski-mask, tie, and body armor.

The rewards also include single-player rewards that allow you to deck out the game's protagonist in a "1920s Chicago Outfit" and Tommy Gun, and a "Cyber Punk SKin" and gun which looks somewhat reminiscent of the Matrix.

The bottom of the card lists the game's PEGI 18 rating in Europe, and its release platforms, which include the Wii U, PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Although the game has been confirmed for release on the PS4, the logo does not appear with the rest, which leads me to believe that the game may be released at a later date for the next-gen console—assuming the image is as real as it appears to be.

In Watch Dogs, players take on the role of Aiden Pierce, a hacker-vigilante who uses his skills to bring justice to those who've slipped the reach of the law, and to take down a corrupt system and achieve his goals. He is able to control electronic equipment and bend the infrastructure to his will.

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