Metro: Last Light - What We Know

In anticipation of the game's release, we've compiled some pertinent information.

by on 6th Apr, 2013

Unless you have simply not paid attention, a little game called Metro 2033 came out in 2010. The game started off as something of a cult hit, but after a few months of being on the marketplace, showed us what a sleeper it really was. Surprisingly enough, the game's successor, Metro: Last Light has not suffered much in the way of leaks. The game is due out on May 14, 2013 for Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Let's go over the basics before we move on. We know that the nuclear fallout in this franchise was caused by warring nations in a fictional 2013. Much of the Russian population moved underground into the nation's metro stations to avoid deadly radiation. Those humans and animals that were left behind mutated into what are known as the Dark Ones. These comprise the bulk of the enemies you will be facing in Last Light. That said, humans can be less-than-hospitable when food or water run thin...

Many of these humans are fighting over a doomsday device, which is being kept in vault D6. The civil war that circles around this weapon implies the end of the human race.

In Last Light, you continue the story of Artyom, a 21-year old male who never saw the outside world as it was before the nuclear disaster. Artyom was born in the metro, and has fought for survival since the first game's events in the year 2033. Last Light takes place a year after, in 2034.

So, what do we know about gameplay?

Obviously, the gas masks will be making a return. This crucial part of the Metro world would make life unlivable above ground. Also making a return is the torch, which you will still be forced to manually crank in order to keep it alight. Customizable weapons, a big feature from the first game, will be present as well. Finally, the game is a First-Person Shooter, but that's pretty well-known by now.

What's new, however, is the game's alleged love for stealth gameplay. Many are saying that the game functions best as a stealth-action title. While the first game allowed you to engage in this mechanic, it was certainly not a valid choice in some situations. 2033 was definitely a shooter, even if its horror elements could leave you thinking otherwise.

One aspect of 2033 that players often complained about was the game's seemingly underpowered weapons. They didn't have any chutzpah when fired, a quality that has become prerequisite in the realm of any game that features guns. In Last Light, this has reportedly been addressed. I experienced the game at E3 2012, and can reinforce these claims with much enthusiasm.

Once again, we have on our hands:

  • a second title in the Metro franchise
  • a May 14, 2013 release date
  • a game that will be available for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC
  • nuclear fallout caused by war in fictional 2013
  • knowledge that the game will continue the story of Artyom in Russia's underground metro
  • information that gas masks, customizable weapons and the rechargeable torch will return
  • revamped stealth gameplay
  • improved gun mechanics and effects
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