Next Xbox 'Will be Expensive', May 21st Reveal Planned - Rumor

Noted tech blogger suggest the console will cost $500 or $300 with a subscription.

by on 8th Apr, 2013

Microsoft's next generation console will be revealed at a special May 21st event and "will be expensive" it has been claimed to What the Tech.

US tech journalist and blogger Paul Thurrott, noted for his Microsoft leaks, has said that according to his information the next Xbox will cost $500 or $300 with a subscription and will be unveiled on May 21st at an occassion similar to the PlayStation 2013 meeting where the PS4 was revealed.

Thurrott said that Microsoft had originally planned to show off the device this month but have since devided to delay the showing. He claims the console will use Blu-ray discs and utilise Windows 8 as its operating system. It has been previously rumoured that games purchased on disc will then need to be installed onto the system after which they will no longer be needed - meaning there will be no pre-owned games.

"Durango is going to be expensive; $500, $300 with a subscription - that kind of thing," Thurrott commented.

"Originally, they were going to announce this things on April 24th. Now they're going to announce it on May 21st. We know there are events pccuring this year where we're going to learn more about Durango.

" E3 is going to occur. Build is going to occur in San Francisco in June when they're going to talk about the developer story - because it's a Windows 8 device. It's going to have same, or basically the same, developer tools and developer APIs and all that kind of stuff," he added.

In relation to recent comments by Microsoft's Adam Orth and consistent rumours that the device will require a constant internet connection Thurrott said "Going back and looking at some of the stuff I got a long time ago, it actually says 'must be internet connected to use' - that's in the notes. That's all I have, but it does say that."

While Microsoft apologised for Orth's controversial attitude they did not give any indication of whether the next Xbox will require a connection. 

"For me everything I've seen has been really positive. It's amazing to me that based on no information at all everyone is freaking out. Aside from this online thing, the number one concern I've gotten from people is 'what does it look like?' Who gives a shit?" he concluded.

Thurrott also claimed a 'Codename Stingray' Xbox 360 for just $99 would be launched later this year. You can see Thurrott's comments below, he talks about Durango from just past the 56 minute mark. 


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