Grand Theft Auto 5 - The Fans React

A Youtube user has created a video describing the reactions to GTA V.

by on 26th May, 2013

If you're at all familiar with the realm of fans surrounding Grand Theft Auto V, you'll know for yourself that they are a somewhat "fervent" bunch - some more than others. What comes from this ferocity is sometimes amazing, as just last month a faux map was released that used screenshots to piece the veritable puzzle together. On the flip-side of this great community, however, are a host of fans who could do with a bit of anger management.

Youtube user Shesellsseashells has highlighted some of the better comments on various Grand Theft Auto V videos, published by Rockstar Games' channel. With Grand Theft Auto V having the stature and respect within the video games industry that it does, you'd expect the comments to be a bit more lenient. As you can tell from the video, this is not the case.

Whether its a keyboard commando, someone claiming they work at Rockstar Games, or an enraged fan unhappy with the game's development time, this video is a perfect example of what nerd rage really is. We all experience, but some of us voice it more than others...

When the game releases later this year on September 17, much of this will die down. Being that the hype train has just left its station, though, it's fair to say that this is only the beginning. With GTA V being one of the biggest games to launch this console generation, you can expect to see much, much more regarding the game in the coming months.

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