AI War: Fleet Command - The Four Year Financial Climb

Arcen Games outlines AI War: Fleet Command growth year over year.

by on 21st Jun, 2013

Four years following the release in 2009, AI War: Fleet Command - a real-time strategy game involving the micromanagement of space ships - grew with every expansion pack and sale. Following the trends of year of year sales, Arcen Games outlined the financial progression of the AI War and the events that contributed to its climb into profitability.

Indie development functions differently from the way games release from major publishers, and Arcen Games wanted to give other indie developers an idea of the process. Through the sales accumulated on platforms like Steam, Green Man Gaming and Gamersgate, AI War's sales grew each year until a low point in 2012. With the projected numbers for 2013, AI War should see resurgence in its fourth year on the market.

AI War accounts for majority of Arcen Games' revenue in which near annual releases of expansions contributed to the yearly growth. While the releases of expansions like The Zenith of Remnant and Ancient Shadows provided additional revenue, the Steam Summer Sale promotion brought in an unexpected lump of revenue in just 24 hours. Discounted for 85% for the Daily Deal in the Steam Summer Sale, AI War and all of its expansions generated $136,000.00 in sales in just 24 hours. Even with the severe discount, Arcen Games managed to pull $94 per minute during that 24 hour sale.

For a deeper breakdown of the AI War's four year progression, Arcen Games put together a lengthy blog post detailing all of the significant events in the AI War timeline.

For those interested in playing AI War, you can purchase the AI War Bundle for $5.79 on Steam - a 66% discount. 

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