Xbox One Release Date Revealed Through Amazon Email - Rumor

This is the most solid evidence we've seen for the Xbox One date yet.

by on 21st Jun, 2013

At this point, you’re probably a bit sick of hearing about rumored release dates for next-generation consoles. We’ve seen the PlayStation 4’s European launch window pop up at a popular retail outlet, while Amazon has entered what seems like a placeholder day for the Xbox One on its website. Really, it seems like no one has a solid idea of when these two consoles will become available for purchase, but an email is being sent out to everyone who pre-ordered the Xbox One via Amazon that seems pretty convincing on its date.

If you put a chunk of cash down on Microsoft’s next box, check your email. The message being sent around has confirmed that those who pre-ordered the Xbox One are eligible for release-date delivery, which is estimated to be Nov. 27, 2013. A NeoGaf member was nice enough to post a picture of his email, minus all the personal information.

Does this sound a little late in the month to launch a console? Maybe, but if you take a closer look, you’ll notice that Nov. 27 just happens to be the day before Thanksgiving. That would place the launch before Black Friday, which is exactly what both Microsoft and Sony want. Another bit of information that’s important to note is the launch date of the Xbox 360. Back in 2005, that particular piece of hardware hit the market (you guessed it) two days before everyone started to dig into some turkey. Though it can’t be confirmed right now, this seems like the most logical date for the Xbox One. 

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