Gears of War Judgment the Start of a New Trilogy - Rumor

Don't think that People Can Fly are done making Gears games.

by on 5th Jul, 2013

No matter how popular or fun a gaming series is, there will always be a point where the developers need to let the IP breathe. The Assassin’s Creed franchise is currently experiencing fatigue from Ubisoft’s insistence on an annual release, and both God of War: Ascension and Gears of War Judgment performed poorly this year due to a lack of excitement around their releases. Judgment was the fourth Gears of War game to release on a single generation of consoles, but don’t think that means either Epic Games or People Can Fly are done with this particular universe. A LinkedIn profile might have just let slip the existence of two new games in the violent franchise.

One of the narrative designers on Gears of War Judgment has posted an interesting description for what he did with for the game, including a mention of the project being a part of a whole new trilogy. If that’s true, we might see much more of Baird on the Xbox One. Take a look at his statement, discovered by a NeoGAF member:

Pretty strange, huh? As of right now, we know that Epic is working on both Fortnite and an unannounced action title that’s likely not Gears of War related. That could mean that People Can Fly will no longer be experimenting with ideas like Bulletstorm and instead stick with making Gears of War games until the end of time (or this particular trilogy.) Nothing has been confirmed at this time, and really, the sales of Judgment might have changed a few peoples’ minds about making two more games. 

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