Pokemon X and Y: New Pokemon and Mega Evolution Guide

Here is a full, detailed gallery of the latest and greatest Pokemon being added to the upcoming X and Y.

by on 11th Oct, 2013

UPDATE: More Pokemon have been discovered, so we've decided to update this guide with the new images and information that's currently out there. All that goodness can be found below the gallery. 

Pokémon X and Y, the latest and greatest experience from Game Freak and Nintendo, is just days away from hitting store shelves. The 3DS adventure centered on catching pocket monsters and training them to become the best there ever was has the entire Pokémon community buzzing, and one of the major reasons for the excitement is the swath of fresh faces being added to the roster. All different types, styles, and genders of Pokémon that have never been in any of the previous titles will be making their debut in X and Y, and we have a full list of both the confirmed and leaked characters you should be looking out for.


The three starter Pokémon and all of their evolutions can be seen here, but really, the more interesting entries come later in the gallery. Grass types like Skiddo and Gogoat; fire dogs like Litleo and Pyroar; and the unique water/rock Pokémon that is Binale are just the tip of the iceberg. There are 78 images in all, so if you’d like to take a hard look at everything we know thus far, this is your best chance.

We’ve been closely covering the many reveals of Pokémon X and Y up to this point, showcasing what makes characters like Xerneas and Honedge special. Mega evolutions have also been a big talking point, but that’s something that anyone looking to pick up the game will soon learn. Pokémon X and Y will see a worldwide release on the 3DS Oct. 12. 

Mega Pinsir: A bug/flying type that can turn normal moves into flying moves. 

Mega Banette: A ghost-type Pokemon that enjoys tricks.

Mega Gardevoir: A dual-type psychic/fairy Pokemon. 

Mega Aggron: A massive steel/rock Pokemon. 

Mega Heracross: A bug/fighting-type Pokemon. 

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