Fans of Kingdom Hearts 3 Urge Square Enix to Release PS4 Bundle

Fans of the Kingdom Hearts series have set up a petition to call upon Square Enix to release a PS4 bundle with the upcoming KH3 game.

by on 7th Oct, 2013

kingdom hearts 3

Fans of the Kingdom Hearts franchise have set up a petition on to ask Square Enix to release a PlayStation 4 bundle with Kingdom Hearts 3. Unlike so many other petitions, this one—which was started by one April Wolf—isn't done as a complaint over some issue, but as a humble request for the makers of the Kingdom Hearts series to cater to their fans worldwide.

Historically, Square Enix has teamed up with the likes of Nintendo and Sony to produce special bundles for their games. To cite a couple of instances, there was a special 10th Anniversary Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance bundle for the Nintendo 3DS that was exclusive to Japan, and a Kingdom Hearts PSP bundle. 

"The fans have decided that because Kingdom Hearts 3 is going to be coming out on the new PS4 console the fans of the world would as well love to see a Kingdom Hearts 3 PS4 bundle pack in the same way when you released the limited edition Final Fantasy XIII PS3 bundle for PS3 in Japan and the Final Fantasy XIII-2 PS3 bundle for US and EU," wrote April. 

"Because there are millions of true Kingdom Hearts fans all over the world those millions of fans would jump at the opportunity to buy a Kingdom Hearts 3 PS4 bundle pack. Some such as myself only want a PS4 just so that they can play Kingdom Hearts 3."

The petition seeks a million responses and has thus far attained close to 200 signatures. 

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