Rumor: Battlefield 4 Pushed Through QA to Avoid Call of Duty: Ghosts Release

The QA team behind Battlefield 4 had to do everything in its power to at least make the game playable before the launch of Call of Duty: Ghosts.

by on 6th Nov, 2013

Battlefield 4 had to launch ahead of the latest Call of Duty, before Ghosts stole the spotlight. At least, that’s the mindset EA and DICE had during the development of their massive first-person shooter. The competition between the two products has become more and more heated over the years, but the launch window of the sales juggernaut that is Call of Duty is still something that all other games should aim to avoid. The latest Battlefield game did launch just in time to be first, but a newly discovered conversation between a Reddit mod and one of the game’s testers tells the tale of a project that was rushed to market.

The full discussion between the two individuals can be seen below, but the main theme here is a strained QA team was asked to test an unbelievable number of features in a short timeframe. There are dozens and dozens of layers to Battlefield 4’s systems that need to be looked at, and if DICE just so happens to change the mechanics of a gun weeks after it was just tested, the possibility of something breaking at launch becomes that much greater.

Battlefield 4 has been anything but perfect since release, but the team is doing all it can to make sure the game can become stable as soon as possible. Look to hear more on the studios’ efforts in the near future.    

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