Capcom Clarifies: Dead Rising 3 Never Prototyped For Xbox 360

After talking to Team Xbox, devs realized their vision was only possible on the next generation system.

by on 12th Nov, 2013

Capcom has made a clarification with OXM regarding Dead Rising 3 development, explaining that it never had an actual prototype for the Xbox 360. Subsequently, we are correcting yesterday's article and providing an explanation below.

Exceeding in its ambition, Dead Rising 3 takes the franchise into the open world, with dynamic real time AI. The power of the Xbox One allowed Capcom Vancouver to produce even larger numbers of enemies, with a higher level of individual AI than is possible in 7th generation hardware.  The AI will also be applied to your team of fellow survivors

 To add to this, their close association with Microsoft during development allowed them to incorporate the Xbox’s unique features seamlessly. So, the game makes use of the new Kinect to let you shout out and draw zombies towards you (a useful tool if they’re stretched out too far apart), or direct your allies to attack said zombies. You can also make use of Smartglass to connect to the Zombie Defense Network, giving you access to even more weapons and support, not to mention more missions. Core gamers need not worry about these as Smartglass and Kinect are optional.

Finally, as expected of a launch game for a new console, Dead Rising 3 promises even more flat out content. The map the open world is based in is bigger, enemies are more numerous and smarter, more weapons with a rich level of customization is available, etc.

To put it quite simply, this was not a case of the dev team learning their vision could not fit on the Xbox 360 after prototyping. It was a situation where, after talking with Team Xbox, they realized it simply had to go to the Xbox One.

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