Final Fantasy 15: Omnis Lacrima Stunning Soundtrack - Listen to it Here

You can listen to Omnis Lacrima from Final Fantasy XV here.

by on 27th Mar, 2014

“Memória - The Very Best of Yoko Shimomura”, the 25th anniversary album by Square Enix and conceptual successor to Drammatica is out today, and it contains a fully orchestrated version of Omnis Lacrima from Final Fantasy XV, which we discussed in a previous post.

In just a few hours of its release, the full track of Omnis Lacrima was posted on YouTube. You can listen to it below for a taste of the whole album. 

Here’s a full tracklist: 

1. Dearly Beloved, Kingdom Hearts 
2. Beware the Forest's Mushrooms, Super Mario RPG
3. Kiss of Jealousy LIVE A LIVE
4. Ring of Revolving Fate, Heroes of Mana
5. Elegie, Front Mission
6. Vector to the Heavens, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
7. Dragon Killer Medley, Legend of Mana
8. A.Y.A., Parasite Eve
9. Pain the Universe, Legend of Mana
10. Megalomania, LIVE A LIVE
11. Song of MANA, Legend of Mana
12. Goodbye Geno, Super Mario RPG
13. Omnis Lacrima, Final Fantasy XV
14. The Masked, Demons' Score
15. Kiss of Jealousy instrumental, LIVE A LIVE
16. Megalomania instrumental, LIVE A LIVE 

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