Batman: Arkham Knight - New Combat Mechanics, Story Elements & More Revealed

The world's greatest detective is going to help you answer one very important question in this game.

by on 24th Jun, 2014

We have new details for Batman: Arkham Knight, via an E3 interview. A lot of info has been revealed before, but we’re rounding up everything that’s new.

Batman’s souped up armor suit was made to reflect how Bruce has ramped up his fight on crime, and has been designed to match the Batmobile.

As you should know from our prior coverage, the Batmobile is always on call for Bruce when he’s not inside it. Rocksteady has designed several puzzles that require the vehicle to do one thing or another.

Rocksteady has arguably perfected a combat system other games attempt to emulate, with less than perfect results. Freeflow remains the core of the system, but new mechanics have been added in, such as enemies that will try to grab Batman. And yes, the Batmobile can be used, not just for combat, but to assist you while you take goons down one by one.

It seems a hierarchy has been established among the villains, as Arkham Knight (and everyone else, as we already know) is working for Scarecrow in this game. No spoilers on who the Knight could be, but as Rocksteady reiterates that it’s a new character they conceived of from the ground up. The interviewee even jokes that it could just be a random guy who wants to kill Batman, which is crazy enough that it could be true? Probably not.

Rocksteady has yet to reveal any multiplayer for the game, but they haven’t outright denied it either. It does seem possibly, maybe even likely, that this could actually be happening for the game.

Lastly, Rocksteady confirms that actual detective work will be a key part of the game, as it well should be, since it seems players are going to have to figure out who Arkham Knight is by themselves.

Batman: Arkham Knight is coming to Windows, Xbox One, and Playstation 4 this 2015.

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