GTA 5 Graphics: Get GTA IV to Look Just as Good

You can now make GTA IV look just as good as Grand Theft Auto 5.

by on 15th Sep, 2012

GTA IV with iCEnhancer

If you've ever played Skyrim on the PC, you've have heard of—or even used—custom shaders that add a wide variety of effects to spruce up the game's graphics. These effects include depth of field, high quality SSAO, and HDR lighting. 

The best known of these shaders is the ENB Mod. Boris Vorontsov, the creator of the ENB Mod who brought extreme graphics to Skyrim, first made a name for himself in the Grand Theft Auto IV scene with iCEnhancer. 

Using these customized shaders, anyone playing GTA IV on the PC can make their game look every bit as gorgeous as Rockstar's upcoming game, GTA V. With the company yet to announce which platforms they plan to release the game on, many have their hopes pinned on an announcement that the studio will be putting out the latest addition to the franchise on next-generation consoles especially since the current generation is far too outdated to deliver the kind of graphics anyone would come to expect from a major iteration to the series. After all, GTA IV was a huge leap in terms of graphics quality of GTA 3 and GTA San Andreas. 

In the event that GTA V doesn't look as good as GTA IV currently does with the latest version of iCEnhancer, there's always hope that its creator will go to work on the new game if it comes out on the PC. 

If you've yet to try out the modification (downloadable here), here's a few screenshots to show you what you're missing out on. Be sure to head on over to the mod's Facebook page for future updates. 





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