Battlefield 3: Only One Knife Takedown Can Be Happening in the Map at One Time for It to Work

This video shows and proves that knife takedowns in Battlefield 3 can only happen when somebody is not doing it at the same time in the same map...wait, what? Just watch it.

by on 21st Sep, 2012

It seems one of Battlefield 3's most baffling bugs might finally have an explanation. If you've played Battlefield 3's multiplayer, you might haven encounted an instance where you were behind your enemy and the game simply refused to perform a knife takedown.I don't know about you, but that has happened to me...a lot! Well, it seems someone has finally found the reason why this happens.

According to the video below, there can only be one knife takedown in one map at one time -- In short, two people can't be performing a knife takedown at the same time in the same map. If so, one of the takedowns won't work.

See it in action -- or rather, inaction, below.

Now, keep in mind I have not tried this yet, but it seems like the footage is legit. If it is, DICE should really, really prioritize a fix for this straight away. I can't count the times when I'm behind an enemy and for some reason my knife won't come out. 

If this is true, I honestly am baffled how this escaped their QA department. Yes, I know the game has a lot of bugs now (even after patches), but this sort of thing is different and impacts gameplay in a major way. I can't believe no one saw or addressed this even months after the game has been shipped.

Has this happened to you? If so, do you know of a "fix?" Sound off, Battlefield fans and let us know if this is really the case.

Thanks, Battlefieldo

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