Black Ops 2 Zombie Reveal Trailer Dissection - What You Might Have Missed

We dissect Treyarch's latest trailer for Black Ops 2's zombie mode.

by on 27th Sep, 2012

Chances are, you've already seen Black Ops 2's zombie reveal trailer. If not, don't worry, as the trailer is embedded below. If you're the rest of the people who has seen it, we're here to talk about some of the things you might have missed in the two-minute clip.

For reference, here's the original trailer. I've written in time stamps for each scene that's noteworthy. So, without further ado, let's get down to it.

The first few seconds of the video starts out normally enough, there's an orange haze that seems to be permeating within the map, but other than that, the scenes doesn't show anything we haven't seen before.

0:22 - The first interestingthere bit that caught my eye. The sky seems to be purple-ish in color for some reason. Also, there are ashes flying all about, too. Look at the part where the sky is divided by the vertical "bus" sign, there's virtually not an ash to be seen on the left side.

0:24 - We're shown an overhead map of the bus terminal and the place. While the terminal's entrance way can be seen, I don't think the players can go inside it. There's also a hole open on the side of the structure, which I don't doubt will be used by the zombies themselves. It's important to note that starting in this overhead scene, we get to see cracks and fissures on the sidewalk, roads, etc. If you can't see 'em, they're the cracked sidewalk near the terminal's entrance, and near the two broken cars, the road seems to be cracked, too.

0:28-0:29 - Zombies wearing straightjackets confirmed! So could this mean the stage here is near a hospital or an asylum?

0:32 - Blue eyes confirmed, too! Aside from that, the zombie behind the main one is wearing a polka dot hospital gown. Reaffirms that there is a medical facility of some sort where these buggers broke out of. Also of note, look at the left side of the zombie wearing the hospital gown, is that just fire on the street or is that something more? 

0:33 - Our first overhead view of the zombies shambling forward. You get to see zombies coming in from all directions. Some of 'em are even coming out of the bus terminal entrance and they're all headed to the bus -- which, you must know by now, is where you're holed up. Also of note, you can see some of the zombies on fire. Does this mean they will catch fire when walking through it? We don't know for now.

0:34 - One thing I noticed straight away here is the gun has a flashlight attached to it. So does that mean pitch-black areas where we'll need it is in the mode or is Treyarch just copying Battlefield 3's "flashlight of the gods?"

0:35 - Someone with a mustache who wears glasses is reloading a gun. I honestly don't know who this guy is. Maybe Zorro's descendant or Chuck Norris had his 'stache dyed? In the next transition shot, we get to see that this guy is indeed inside the bus -- as evidenced by the handrails, windows, etc.

0:36 - We see the bus' doors opening and in that split-second, a girl can be seen between the broken glass of the doors. I assume this is the same girl that was teased in Black Ops 2's zombie posters before. If you're not familiar with the poster, here it is:

0:40 - Zombie close-up time! This same zombie is blasted by the girl in the poster -- which I assume is the one who unboarded the bus. However, the important bit here is that just behind the zombie (before he gets shot), there seems to be a fissure on the ground that either has flames coming out of the ground or what seems like lava (?). But the crack in the ground is too big to just be an environmental design. Could the undead be coming up from hell? If so,could we nudge zombies to fall there?

0:42- We see a guy wearing glasses shooting zombies. Is this the same guy on the bus earlier? Quite possibly so. In that same scene, on the rightmost side of the screen, there's a zombie wearing what looks to be an orange shirt and he seems to have a steel collar of some kind on his neck. Maybe he was incarcerated before? 

0:44 - The girl in the poster runs past the screen and you get to see someone covering him. This is a different guy from the 0:42 mark, as his hair is different though he wears glasses, too.

0:45 - As the scene transitions, we get to see the four different characters on the screen all at once. I presume that the guy on the right is the one wearing the glasses and has a beard/mustache (0:42), the guy covering the girl and another guy on the left side which has his face obscured completely.

0:46 -The bus can be seen moving to another location and it's once again greeted by the undead.

0:47 - The building on the left-hand side of the shot has fire comng out of its roof. Not sure why, but there it is.

0:49 - We see what looks like the map, which might mean we can walk or take the bus to reach destinations this time around. We'll get to that in a bit.

0:52 - We get to see most of the characters squaring off against the attacking horde. There's the girl, the guy wearing glasses and another one with them. Also, there's a truck in the background, which I assume is for aesthetic purposes.

0:54 -The characters are inside a diner pumping the undead with lead. I think it's important to note here that the zombie blood splattering about looks good. Will that be the case in-game? I honestly don't know. You can even see the blood on the ground.

0:56 - The girl is being attacked by a zombie from behind and the zombie is literally on fire. Will that affect damage against the player or just an added effect? Also, once the girl fires, the zombie's head AND arm is blasted off. Can we do limb-specific damage in the game? Sure seems like it.

1:08 - The guy with the beard and glasses is seen firing at zombies and for some reason, he's wearing what looks like a calculator watch of some sort? It might just be me, but that was an odd thing to render on a man's wrist unless it meant something.

1:12 - There's a mob of zombies attacking the player. One even drops down from the second floor to join the fray. Could this mean the on-screen zombie count has been increased for Black Ops 2?

1:14 - More zombies jump down and one seems to have his right leg and head blown off before he can complete his drop.

1:19 - Both protagonists are being covered by what seems to be homemade riot shields; as evidenced by the velcro (tape) running across the car door's frame.

1:20 - As the player rams the zombies with the improvised riot shield, you get to see the zombies fly from the impact...pause and squint a little harder, you'll see a zombie body flying the area a good 10-20 feet away from you.

1:21 - The homemade riot shield is shown from the front. I still don't know if that's velcro, bandages or whatnot that's tied around it. Also, the guy on the right can be seen clearly for the first time, though his face is still covered.

1:22-1:23 - This scene is tricky as it goes by very, very fast. One shot in between has what looks like electricity but in the shape of a zombie. It has a head and an arm. Not sure if that's a zombie type, an easter egg or whatnot. I do know it's there and now you know too.

1:24 - As the bus is driving past, you can clearly see a massive hole on the street itself. Just a design or could zombies come out of it? I guess the latter.

1:26 - The zombies seem to be lined up for some reason and there's a ton of 'em, too. They might be auditioning for American Idol Undead Edition or something. We also get to see another zombie on fire.

1:28 - A zombie is on the roof and there's a visible hatch on the bus' roof. Yep, I think it's safe to assume zombies will be using those to get inside the bus.

1:29-1:35 - Yep, confirmed. Zombies can be seen trying to get into the bus through the broken windows, and they take out the wooden barricades, too. What's more, even when the bus' is running, they will still try and hang on to get a piece of you. In this section of scenes, you can also see the player on the bus' roof and shooting anything that tries to climb up.

1:40 - More shots of zombies on fire and holes in the ground...what's coming through them really do seem like lava.

1:44 - Overhead shot of a different location than the bus terminal and you can clearly see what looks like laval emanating from the ground. Also, there are a ton of zombies coming in from all sides. Way more than what we're used to in previous zombie modes.

Fade to title screen but not before we're left with a post-title screen bit that shows what looks and sounds to be the thundergun. Of course, it could be a new gun, but it sure seemed like it, no?

Now, before we wrap things up, remember the bits of the map shown in the trailer? Mojammer in Reddit managed to put it altogether. Take a look at it below.

Well, there you have it. This finishes our long (and exhaustive) look at Black Ops 2's zombie mode. I don't doubt for a fact that I might have missed something. If so, what did you see that I didn't? Share it in the comments to let the others know, too!

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