Black Ops 2 Prestige Master Rank Tips: What You Need to Know Before Resetting Your Rank

Are you the type that doesn't want to Prestige in Call of Duty games because of your attachments and whatnot will be reset? Read on for what you need to know for Black Ops 2's Prestige cycle.

by on 28th Sep, 2012

Let's face it, the biggest draw why Call of Duty sells each year is due to the game's compelling multiplayer. Like it or hate it, a ton of people play it. It's the right blend of gameplay mechanics that are easy to get the hang off, and that's coupled with the morphine drip-feed of leveling up.

In saying that, this whole leveing up thing has spawned a life of its own within the franchise. Simply called "Prestige," it means resetting your rank once you've reached the maximum rank to show how "L33t" you are and whatnot at the cost of resetting all your unlocks, gear, too. Well, that won't be the case in Black Ops 2.

We're here now to give you tips and pointers on how Black Ops 2's Prestige system works.

In Black Ops 2's Prestige, or "Prestiging," it will consist of 10 Prestige levels that players can get to once they reach the maximum level of 55. One big difference in Black Ops 2 is now when you Prestige, you won't lose your unlocks, weapon attachements, weapon attachments, etc. 

This was made due to the number of weapon camos in the game. There are primary weapon camos, secondary camos, launcher camos, there's even different camos for the ballistic knife and crossbow. Now when you Prestige, you can just focus on unlocking those camos instead of unlocking the gear you've already unlocked previously. In addition to that, there will be "secret camos" that I assume will only be unlocked through various challenges and whatnot.

Everytime you Prestige, you'll receive a Prestige token --which is similar to Modern Warfare 3. You can use it to unlock weapons, unlock classes and even reset your stats at any Prestige you are.. 

Treyarch is also implementing a new "refund" feature for the Prestige tokens in Black Ops 2. You can now refund your Prestige tokens to use them on different stuff. Once you use the refund token, the weapon or thing it unlocked will be locked again. To unlock it once more, you need to spend another Prestige token on it. So choose wisely before refunding. 

Lastly, there will be 10 Prestige emblems for Black Ops 2. Once you reach Prestige 10 and fill the XP bar completely, you will unlock everything in the multiplayer section of the game. I'm talking about the weapons, perks, camos, equipment and more. It will be called the "Prestige Master" and will, of course, have its own emblem.

So there you have it. It's certainly more viable to Prestige in Black Ops 2 compared to past Call of Duty games, no? Or at least that's what I think.

Will you be Prestiging in Black Ops 2? Or you don't care much for camos, emblems and all that sort? Sound off and let's talk about it in the comments.

Black Ops 2 is set for a November 13 release for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

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