20 Best Maps for Minecraft 1.5.2

Listed here are the best adventure and survival maps you can get to play on Minecraft 1.5.2—they're everything you need.

by on 25th Jun, 2013

Minecraft 1.5.2 Maps

minecraft 1.5.2 maps

Minecraft (especially the latest version, Minecraft 1.5.2) is a fantastic game with almost unlimited creative potential, but what do you do when you don't feel like remaking the Forbidden Palace in the game, or when a putting together a log cabin just isn't enough to sate your pursuit of fun? After all, there's only so much time you can spend on developing  single map. 

The beauty of Minecraft 1.5.2 is that you don't have to be able to create maps to enjoy the game, for there are already pre-existing maps created by the community in the form of adventure and survival maps that invite players to create their own adventures through pre-made stories developed by storytellers intent on sharing their adventures with the public. 

You'll find 20 such maps contained within the following pages. 

#20 Misty Skull

This one is a map that heavily features fighting various mobs, and on top of it all comes with an actual story, which is rare for Minecraft maps. It’s a pure adventuring map, so no mining or building is allowed.

Download Link.

#19 The Story of Gorgoth

Another story driven map, The Story of Gorgoth features a little time travel plot and intricate temple ruins to explore. As with most adventure maps, no mining or building allowed.

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#18 MCPyramid

One of the scarier maps out there. Surviving and spelunking in a huge labyrinthine pyramid. Sand monsters and mummies included.

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#17 The Nightmare of Herobrine

This map tells the story of the sleepy village of Joel, that each night is plagued by terrible nightmares. So the player has to enter the dream world and find out what’s going on. A story driven map, obviously.

Download Link.

#16 Lux Perpetua

A huge map with a ton of well made dungeons and it’s own storyline to follow. Also, some more hardcore survival things here. Hunting and cooking and some basic crafting allowed!

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#15 A Pirate’s Life for Me!

This is a pirate themed RPG map. Chose from a number of classes, go on quests, the usual RPG fare.

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#14 Levi’s Nightmare

Another nightmare dungeon crawl map, with a bit of an Lovecraftian vibe going on.

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#13 Skylia Island

This is an exploration map, so there is no story and no dungeons, just a huge island with actual mountains, deep jungles and valleys to explore in the three regular difficulty modes.

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#12 Exiting the Lab

This one is a giant skinner box. Trapped in a huge lab, you have to escape, solving a huge amount of little puzzles. A bit reminiscent of Portal. A bit.

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#11 The Beginning of the End

A challenging, story driven map filled with various encounters and puzzles.

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#10 Sky Resistance

Another story driven challenge map. Big one, with a lots of challenges, this one can be played in coop as well.

Download Link.

#9 Eronev Mansion

Story driven adventure. The player arrives in his home town of Eronev, where people are going missing all of a sudden, and has to investigate.

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#8 The Monarch of Madness

Explore and survive the mad funhouse built by the Monarch of Madness. Multiplayer allowed.

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#7 Chronotide

A huge, scary exploration and monster bashing and getting creeped out kinda map. Also allows for some sweet, sweet coop.

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#6 Stratsosphere Survival

Survive on bunch of floating, thematic islands for a chance. No more boring flat lands!

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#5 God of Deceit

A sequel map to Goddess of Decay. Story driven adventuring at its best, featuring some really gorgeously realized locales.

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#4 Kingdom of Verona

Fair Verona. A medieval style map, entirely handcrafted with numerous small towns and villages, and some equally handcrafted challenges.

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#3 Slender (for Minecraft)

Everybody loves Slenderman! That’s why you can now have him hunt you down in Minecraft too. Rebuilds the “SLENDER - The 8 Pages” game in Minecraft.

Download Link.

#2 Paranoia

The player is the test subject of some gruesome scientific experiments and has to find a way out of his prison.

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#1 The Dropper

Everything in this map is... Not upside down, but sideways. This is a falling puzzle. Survive the fall. Again and again.

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