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Free iPhone Games: Wonder which free games are worth playing on the iPhone? We've written down the 25 best free iPhone games available to download and play from the AppStore.

by on 7th Apr, 2013

The iPhone is without a doubt the best mobile gaming platform on the market, short of getting a dedicated device like the Nintendo DS. Thanks to the popularity of the platform, there are numerous free iPhone games available. We have listed 25 of the best free games among them.

#25 Hero Academy

Hero Academy free iphone game

Hero Academy comes from the makers of Orcs Must Die and Age of Empires Online, and like the other games on their roster, it's a top notch title that spans across multiple platforms.

Players command an army of units who do battle on a board against friends and strangers alike in multiple one-on-one battles. Games can last for twenty minutes or across a full day, depending on how quickly you play you and your opponent play your turns. The game's asynchronous approach makes it a great diversion for gamers on the go.

Download here.


#24 Checkers Free

free checkers

For those that enjoy classic boardgames but are not into the complexity of chess, there is a viable substitute to be found in checkers. Enjoy the simple, structured strategy of checkers and play either with a human friend or against a challenging AI. The overall rendering of this game is downright appealing, from the sound effects to the visuals. If it's checkers you want, this is the app for you!

Download here.


#23 Contract Killer

steambird survival

Aerial tactical gameplay has a home in Steambirds: Survival, which sees players command a fleet of airplanes in turn-based battles against the AI.

On each turn, you'll set a course for your planes to engage the enemy, and (hopefully) predict that they fly into your line of fire so you can destroy them while taking little damage in turn. The game's approach forces you to make a lot of tactical decisions and consider how to use all of your units in a cohesive manner.

Download here.


#22 iJewels


Swap the jewels back and forth to match 3 or more in a row. There's something indescribably satisfying about the clacking sound these jewels make each time they drop from the sky after a chain is formed. Gameplay is somewhat improved with a touch interface, and the leaderboards are cross-platform, so players can compete even against friends with Android phones.

Download here.


#21 Sudoku 


This is a pretty straightforward adaptation of the matrix game that is often referred to as a crossword puzzle for numbers. This particular version features a feudal Japan theme  and two separate keypads for better flow between number entry and notes. There are five different difficulty levels, as well as Open Feint integration for leaderboards, and over 3,000 puzzles to solve.

Download here.

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