Five Third Party Franchises Sony and Microsoft Might Want to Court

Which popular video game franchises would give a significant boost to either PlayStation 4 and Xbox One if made exclusives?

by on 14th Nov, 2013

Of course, everyone would be a lot of happier if all of the great games are released in as many platforms as possible. However, sometimes my friends and I wonder and assess which third party franchises would be extremely beneficial to a company if made exclusive to their consoles. 

I remember buying the PlayStation 3 for their franchises alone, and it's the same reason why I choose the PlayStation 4. The company previously held exclusivity over major third party franchises, but that wasn't case when Xbox 360 rose to dominance. 

Here are some of my picks and let us know which franchises you think are hot property.

1.) Metal Gear Solid

The Metal Gear Solid is a much loved franchise filled with the most loyal and enduring fans. It was traditionally a PS exclusive and MGS IV continues to be an exclusive for the company.

However, I do believe that it would be an exclusive that can draw gamers to switch or buy another console. I bet that long-time fans would no doubt be angry, but I think that they would follow the franchise wherever it goes. It's also worth considering how long this franchise has been going on because that can indicate how large the fanbase has grown.

I hear that MGS V has exclusive PlayStation content that will be announced tomorrow. Perhaps he'll say "Nope, it's not coming out for Xbox One! Only on PS4!"

Obviously, I am kidding.

2.) Call of Duty

Now, it is highly unlikely Call of Duty goes exclusive because of how passionately vocal their fan base is and more importantly how much of a cash cow the franchise is especially on multiple platforms.

However, I believe that it would be very beneficial for either Microsoft or Sony if it or any other shooter on the same level was made into an exclusive. It could backfire though as people might flock towards another multi-platform shooter.

I think that Microsoft would be the company who would benefit the most since they have the power to make cross-play between PC and Xbox possible. It caters to a wider audience and it lets players play with more friends and strangers.

3.) Final Fantasy

Say what you want about the Final Fantasy series, but it is extremely popular in both western and asian territories for more than a decade. The franchise is also a commerical success since Final Fantasy XIII sold more than six million copies and it even spawned a sequel that sold three million units so far. 

The MMO Final Fantasy XIV also did well commercially and helped Square Enix to a profit. I think that this would be more beneficial in Sony's hands since the PlayStation was its exclusive platform for the longest time. Sony also has a strong footing in Asian markets which Final Fantasy is undeniably popular in.

4.) Assassin's Creed

Assassin's Creed is certainly a series people eagerly anticipate each time a new one comes out. However, it is quite worrisome if they decide to release one every single year but gamers seem happy for now.

We already know that there will be permanent exclusive content for Assassin's Creed IV on the PlayStation 4. While that's great and all, a full game and dedicated exclusivity is what's needed to sway gamers to Sony's side. It would make sense if they would seal the deal further down the line, but it would also be profitable for Microsoft as well.

5.) Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts may not be as old as Final Fantasy, but its popularity and quality isn't something people should doubt. The first two main games were exclusively released on PlayStation 2. However, the third one will now be available on the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. 

I think Sony would be more inclined to court this franchise, but it would be beneficial for either side in my opinion. It also appeals to wide audience since it's a mash-up that includes Disney characters as well.


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