10 Intense Interrogation Scenes in Video Games

Here are some of the most memorable interrogations scenes many gamers won't forget.

by on 15th Nov, 2013

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Interrogation scenes are often associated with torture because of how various mediums portray the former with a degree of violence. Others say that it is unethical to have it in video games since players take on the role of the interrogator and sometimes the game even lets you decide which popular torture technique to use. 

What makes it any different from giving a players a gun? Well, I could go on and on about this but it's also worth noting that some of the memorable interrogation scenes in gaming aren't violent at all. Sometimes it's simply a battle of wits between the plater and the game. 

Without further ado, here are some of my picks of memorable interrogation scenes.

10.) Mass Effect 2

This is not exactly a shockingly inappropriate interroggation, but it was really entertaining to experience. Well, renegade playthroughs in Mass Effect is always memorable because you don't play by the rules and you're pretty much a jerk. 

In Mass Effect 2, you have to interrogate Elias Kelham for Thane's loyalty mission. The cool part is you could either be the good or the bad cop in the interrogation. The Paragon and Spectre methods aren't really that exciting, so the most entertaining way to play this mission is Renegade style.

9.) Splinter Cell: Conviction

One thing you can learn from Splinter Cell: Conviction is that the way to get answers is violence. Almost, if not all, of the interrogations in the game are pretty much done through pressing one button and it doesn't involve talking or diplomacy. Michael Ironside adds to these moments with his awesome and definitive voice acting.

8.) The Punisher

Sam Fisher may beat the hell out of you for information, but the Punisher will spill blood and flesh regardless if you cooperate or not. As a fan of Quentin Tarantino films, the violence and gore in the game's interrogation scenes are hilariously entertaining. I actually haven't played this game, but it looks really fun just by watching these scenes alone. 

Which scenes do I like the best? Check the first one in the video and you will find out why.

7.) L.A Noire

The interrogations in L.A Noire are more than just violent scenes prompted by a singular button. What you can ask your suspects depends on the clues you find. You also have to observe their behavior to determine the best line of questioning. 

I chose this scene above in particular because it was different from the others in the game. You usually know right after you choose a suspect who the real culprit is. However, I was pretty nervous here because the game didn't tell you until the near end of the game. 

6.) The Last of Us

A lot of my friends found this unnerving, but this didn't disturb me at all. I was rooting for Joel the entire time. It wasn't the most startling thing I've seen in video games. However, it was pretty memorable to me because it showed how much he cared for Ellie and how far he would go to ensure her safety. 

There's also an interrogation multiplayer mode in the game, but it doesn't really stand out.

5.) Grand Theft Auto V

Yes, this was GTA V's controversial torture/interrogation scene major news outlets couldn't stop talking about. Players can choose between a variety of infamous torture techniques to get information out a person who was already willing to give the information in the first place. 

You can pull out his teeth, electrocute him, or break his knee cap with a wrench. To be fair, it was a satire of torture and it's apparent in Trevor's dialogue later on. It could have been done better, but I don't think it's something people should fuss about so much.

4.) 24: The Game

Well, this is pretty much a tame interrogation scene to me because the worse Jack Bauer can do is scream at the dude. However, the heartbeat and timer makes everything a lot more intense in this scene. While the game received mixed reviews, at least we have this neat scene where Bauer maintains a PG-13 attitude.

3.) Beyond: Two Souls

Since Ryan was my love interest in the game, I squealed after he was cut for the first time. Apparently, something more gruesome happens if I held on a bit longer although it is not explicitly shown. One of his eye ball gets cut out or pierced so other players will have him wearing an eye patch throughout the remainder of the game.

2.) Call of Duty: Black Ops

Apparently, the developers drew a lot of criticism for this scene in particular. It was pretty mild to me in my opinion. The video pretty much shows you putting a glass shard in a man's mouth then punching him. Now, that's something that must have hurt but it's nothing too gruesome if you ask me. 

I included it in this list because I've never seen someone do that before to be honest.


1.) Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

This has got to be one of my favorite missions from GTA: San Andreas. It's one of the most creative ways I've seen to extract information from someone so far. It's like something that came out of Martin Scorsese film. Who knew taping someone's hands on a car's windshield and driving like a maniac was a good idea?

After seeing pliers and wrenches, we thought we've seen it all. 

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