20 Awesome Battlestations That'll Blow Your Mind

Check out these awesome battlestations which will surely have you thinking about creating one of your own and join the elite.

by on 23rd Feb, 2014



An epic battlestation that looks like a slice of technological nirvana with its plethora of musical instruments, monitors, and sumptuously large HDTV. [Source]


battlestation 2

Who needs a monitor when you can hook into an Oculus Rift for your gaming needs?


This minimalistic set-up looks like an art installation more than it looks like a gaming rig.


This dark alcove is the very definition of ‘mancave’. The backlights are a nice touch, and ensure that you’ll never bang your knee in the dark.


Why hide your computer’s internals when you can have them up on a wall display, instead?


This set up has more monitors than you can shake your fist at.


Like a framed piece of artwork hanging on the wall, this triple-monitor battlestation looks more like a painting than a computer rig.


Simple and clean, this battlestation packs a good set of speakers as well as a pair of high-end headphones for the audiophile in front of it.


This irregular multi-monitor setup resembles a hacker’s battlestation out of a movie.


Flanked by a host of posters, this battlestation is everything a hardcore gamer could ask for.


Clean and professional, this battlestation proves that gamers don’t have to shy from the light or hide in the dark.


What to do with your old monitors? Hook them up to your computers, and run multiple instances of Windows, of course.


A simple battlestation that serves the perfect home office.


Why sit when you can stand at your battlestation? This set-up’s great for your posture. 


Who needs a desktop computer when you can build your PC right into the desk itself? With three monitors, this battlestation’s a beast.


This battlestation is only for gamers and movie watchers who want to sit in the dark, undistracted by anything else.


If gaming on your PC isn’t enough, the PS3 hooked up to the 55” TV might do the trick. 


A work in progress, but we can definitely see some potential for greatness.


This one looks so clean and has stunning lighting.


I hope these inspired you to create your own BATTLESTATION!

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