Comrades in Arms: Top 10 Henchmen in Videogames

Henchmen, followers, or companions—whatever you might call them, these trusty characters stick with us through time and tide never letting us down. We examine our favorites.

by on 18th Jul, 2011

Henchmen, followers, or companions—or whatever you personally choose to call them, are trusty comrades-in-arms who stick with us through time and tide, never letting us down. Most of the time, anyway. In this article, we take a look at ten of our favorite henchmen.

#10 Human enemies in Turok


The original Turok didn't have the most advanced AI - enemies ran at you haphazardly, grunting into your field of view (which was hilariously small, looking back). But I have to wonder how their blood pressure got so high. Too much salt? Maybe all the stress from living shoulder-to-scale with dinosaurs? Whatever the cause, the smallest pin-prick caused blood to practically slip the surly bonds of the Lost Land, and launch itself into the thick, foggy stratosphere.

As a 12 year-old, the way enemies died in Turok was awesome. As a 26 year-old looking back, it's a riot and awesome.



#9 Goro


Goro is a dick. I mean, the guy has four arms and he competes in a tournament wherein most other entrants possess two arms. Uh, hello? Can I get a ruling from the Mortal Kombat fairness committee? Having four arms should be considered juicing! Like, stop flexing your superior anatomy at me, Goro. I get it. You can put every other one-man band to shame. There's no need to get all 'roid raged about it. Lighten up, fella. Everybody out here in the forest with monster trees is trying to have a good time, and you're being a real buzzkill.

Really, I don't even want to fight you. Not only are the odds stacked against me, you kinda creep me out with that whole Tarzan-from-hell vibe you're giving off.


#8 Creepers - ssssssssss-*BOOM* "GOD DAMMIT!"

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