10 Insane Battlefield 3 Stunts: Shock and Awe

Battlefield 3 allows players to truly show off their skills. These Battlefield 3 stunts are both amusing and awesome to watch.

by on 1st Dec, 2011

Battlefield 3 Stunts

battlefield 3 stunts

Battlefield 3 just wouldn't be complete without a army of digital daredevils trying to pull off ridiculous stunts. It's franchise history at this point, dating all the way back to Battlefield 1942's LoopZook, the infamous trick we all spent hours on end trying to replicate. With BF3's flashy new engine and exhaustive lineup of vehicles, it was only a matter of time before folks started doing the impossible and showing the world.

Although the game's only been out for a month, the Battlefield 3 community has already delivered and then some. There's a veritable treasure trove of flying jeeps, ludicrous midair showmanship, and impossible kills popping up on YouTube, with more surfacing every day. You'll find everything from once-in-a-lifetime luck to strategies so clever you'll wish you thought of them first. 

Since there's nothing better than living vicariously, we've compiled ten of the best Battlefield 3 stunts we could find. Take a look.

#10 Just how little is the Little Bird?

As this stunt from MILEYCYRUSTHEVIRUS illustrates, the Little Bird helicopter earns its name and then some. He manages to fly the LB all the way through Damavand Peak's tunnel without so much as a scratch.

#9 Battlefield 3 Jet Switch No parachute

In this video, Jackfrags takes a flying leap from his jet and lands in a new one, no parachute needed. Hey, when you're as cool as he is, landing only slows you down.

#8 Battlefield 3 Jihad Jeep

Sure, the jeep might not technically be a weapon, but no one told that to Frothtastic. Watch him take down a tank with nothing but a four-wheel drive, a pinch of C4, a whole lot of balls.

#7 Superman Helicopter Stunt

It's common to have second thoughts the moment you jump out of a helicopter. It's less common to actually get back in and fly away in one piece, but that's exactly what ThePixelatedSoldier does here.

#6 Humvee Hummer Stunt Jump

This video from skuomno shows us that with a little lateral thinking, even the Humvee can be an aerial vehicle. Watch as some brave soul from manages to take one soaring off of Damavand Peak's helipad and land it in working condition.

#5 Battlefield 3 - James Bond Style

Remember that scene in Goldeneye where James Bond takes out an airplane pilot, then skydives into the unmanned vehicle and flies away safely? Replace the plane with a helicopter and Bond with WR1ck1e, and you've got the makings of an awesome Battlefield 3 stunt.

#4 Jeep Stunts

This vid from seborupteur reminds us that even if you can't pull off an impossible feat, there's still some simple pleasure in getting together with your friends and sending a jeep careening over an explosion.

#3 Jet stunts

DreolicGaming shows us that he's got the right stuff with some flashy stunt runs in a jet, soaring under bridges, pipelines, and cranes mere inches from the ground.

#2 How Jets Give High Fives

As ShadowZack can attest, just because you're at war with the enemy doesn't mean you can't be friendly. Sometimes, the best way to end a dogfight is with a polite high five between jets.

#1 Winning a dogfight, like a boss!

Most people would give up on a dogfight once their jet's been destroyed. Not Z3nith66. He'd rather take out the other guy with a midair rocket from the Igla. I suppose we'll call it a tie, then.

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