Top 10 WTF Mods For Skyrim

In this compilation, we take a look at ten mods for Skyrim that'll make you go WTF.

by on 1st Feb, 2012

Skyrim WTF Mods

skyrim wtf mods

Mods can add a lot to a game, especially when the vanilla experience lacks in certain qualities. For example, mods like Skyrim Enhanced Shaders make Skyrim look better than it ever will out of the box. 

That said, there are some mods you really don't need unless you're bored with what the game has to offer and want to spruce it up in ways the developers never intended. 

The mods we've compiled in this list will make you lose your mind while you're having a good time. 

Overhaul your Skyrim experience with these 10 over-the-top and insane modifications. 

#10 Killable Children Mod

Tired of those little pests who harrass and harrangue you in Whiterun? With this mod, you can finally turn your weapons on them. 

Download: Killable children

#9 Zoidberg Mudcrab Mod

Why bother with mods? Why not Zoidberg? This particular mod turns every mudcrab into Zoidberg. He's as frisky as a squid on Tuesday. 

Download: here

#8 Play as a Dragon

Tired of being the dragonborn? By using the following commands, you can become a dragon. 

Open up your console and type: player.setrace dragonrace

To get the fire breathing ability, type the following:


You'll need a Dragon Soul to unlock it in your list of shouts.

#7 When 50 Dragons Attack

Less of a mod and more of a console hack, this is what Dragon Wars: D-War should've been if it wasn't such a craptastic movie. 

Console Command: player.placeatme 000FEA9B

#6 Werechair: The Upholstering

This mod turns werewolves into chairs. Enough said. 

Download: here.

#5 Macho Man Randy Savage Mod

Yeah! Snap into a slim jim before Randy Savage gets ya. He's been to the top of the mountain alright—the Throat of the World. 

Download: here.

#4 Pony Horse Mod

My Little Pony is infectious. The series' cuteness has finally infected Skyrim in the form of Rainbow Dash as a mount.

Download: here.

#3 Spiderman Skyrim Mod

Here he comes, Spiderman. does whatever a spider can. 

Download: here.

#2 Lightsabers

The Force is really George Lucas's interpretation of the Voice. 

No crazy mod compilation is complete without the inclusion of a lightsaber mod. It's a time-honored tradition for modders to make one for each game where the player can use swords. 

Download: here.

#1 Fus Roh Dance!

This mod gives you a Dragon Shout that forces anyone you hit to break into dance.

Download: here.

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