Top 25 Holy Shit Gaming Glitches of All Time

In this series, we take a look at 25 of the most bewildering, amusing, and downright creepy videogame glitches.

by on 12th Feb, 2012

Creepy Video Game Glitches

holy shit gaming glitches

No game is bug free, and some games are worse than others in this regard. Since the inception of videogames, glitches have been part and parcel of the videogaming experience.

While mostly unwelcome, they can be humorous, or even scary. Unpredictable and weird, glitches are without a doubt a source of amusement to gamers in many ways.

In this series, we take a look at 25 of the most bewildering, amusing, and downright creepy videogame glitches. Expect none of the pedestrian "out of bounds" and texture glitches you might find elsewhere. Some of these might even make you say "WTF?"

#25 Hitman Blood Money Scary Glitch

Hitman: Blood Money isn't a scary game given that you're the scariest person in the game, but sometimes it damn well can be—thanks to these floating corpses.

#24 Battlefield 3 Exorcist Glitch

The Battlefield 3 beta was rife with bugs, most of which have been fixed. Here's a particularly creepy one you might've missed.

#23 Battlefield 3 WTF Glitch

Here's one of the bugs in Battlefield 3 you might encounter in the current version of the game. It's a gigantic Recon and he can see you.

#22 Battlefield 3: Mystery Machine Rotor Madness

Gravity doesn't exist like it should in Battlefield 3. Sometimes, this happens.

#21 Deus Ex: Human Revolution Safe Glitch

These safes are obviously too small for people to hide in them.

#20 Assassin's Creed Glitch, Assassinated myself!

Altair encounters his own doppelganger. He'd do what any sane person would do in this situation.

#19 Fallout 3 - Gore Princess

This character doesn't seem too healthy. Radiation must've taken its toll on the poor bastard.

#18 Skyrim - Beheaded Zombie Wife

Sometimes, when you kill a person in Skyrim, they refuse to stay dead. Especially when they're married to you.

#17 ACR - Attack of the Clones

Given how many Jannisaries there are in this, they almost look like a real army.

#16 WTF Sims 3 toddler

This toddler in The Sims 3 resembles a break in reality rather than a baby.

#15 Battlefield 3 Beta Crawl Glitch

If the US military had this abomination of nature in their ranks, the terrorists would've given up a long time ago.

#14 Deus Ex 2 - Scary Ragdoll Bug

Like a victim of the Philadelphia Experiment, this character gets trapped in an object and flops around like a ragdoll.

#13 Deus Ex Human Revolution Flying Man Glitch

This man evolved the ability to fly, but Adam Jensen made short work of him. Natural selection's a real bitch in the cyberpunk future.

#12 Did that horse just do a flip?

Some horses just don't want to obey gravity.

#11 Dead Space 2 Half-body Glitch

As if Dead Space 2 wasn't scary enough. Here's Isaac walking around without a body.

#10 FIFA 12 - Messi's Broken Leg

Poor Messi. What will he ever do without a leg to play football?

#9 COD 3 - Undead German Dude

You spin me right round baby right round, like a record baby right round right round.

#8 Fallout New Vegas Intro Bug

Fallout: New Vegas is a buggy game, but to have it bug out the moment you start it up is really something else.

#7 Dragon Age Alistairs head twists off

Also in the theme of heads twisting, here's Alistair's head coming right off.

#6 F.E.A.R 2: Project Origin - Alma glitch

Alma, why won't you just leave me alone?

#5 Scariest Skyrim glitch I've ever seen...

As if spiders weren't creepy enough. Here, they spaz out.

#4 GTA San Andreas: Ghost Cars

Trying to find sense where there is none, here are some ghost cars.

#3 SWTOR: Crazy Glitch/Easter Egg?

This isn't how conversation in The Old Republic is supposed to work.

#2 Mass Effect 2: WHOAAAAAAAH!

I wouldn't stop screaming if Shepard had a gun pointed at me, either.

#1 Creepy Watson

Arguably not a glitch but rather an developer oversight, Watson is one scary son of a bitch. Just watch him follow you around—or rather, don't.

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