Top 5 Diablo 3 Glitches

Diablo 3 Glitches: Diablo III may be the most polished PC game to date, but it's still not free from a few glitches.

by on 20th May, 2012

Top 5 Diablo III Glitches

Diablo III may have been in development for several years, and Blizzard may have one of the best QA teams in the world, but a game as big as Diablo III can't be free of bugs no matter how much we wish it.

Thanks to the millions of players who picked it up, word is abound of a few glitches that managed to slip out from under the eyes of Blizzard's quality assurance department.

Most of these glitches are more comical than anything else. We haven't heard of any particularly game-breaking ones, aside from one that's to do with a chest in Act 2. The less we say about that, the better—as Blizzard's well aware of it and will be patching it up before too long.

Without further ado, click on the next page for five of the biggest glitches we've run into.

Jondar Infinite Skeleton Glitch

First discovered in the open beta of Diablo III, the so-called Jondar glitch occurs if and when you town portal out during your fight with Jondar in the Tristram Cathedral. You encounter him after you help the Templar recover his equipment from the cultists.

Clearly, when the developers were testing the game they didn't think anyone would think to cast town portal while he's summoning skeletons to aid him. If you stay in town long enough and re-enter the portal, you'll return to a literal horde of skeletons that Jondar's summoned.

Leap of Faith, Out of Bounds Glitch

The Leap of Faith is one of the Barbarian's more interesting abilities. Unfortunately, when you use it in certain places (and these places are very few and far in-between), the Barbarian will jump out of bounds and find himself or herself walking on invisible space.

Monster With Near Infinite Health Glitch

The monster spawner works wonders in Diablo III, producing all manner of random elite monster combinations for you to do battle with. Occasionally—and I must stress that I've never actually seen anything like this happen—the monster spawner can create a group of monsters that's more or less unkillable thanks to all its stacked effects. Good luck defeating these.

Zoltan Kulle Fight Glitch

This glitch is particularly reminiscent of the battle with Mephisto in Diablo II. On harder difficulties—and with the use of a Sorceress, you could trick him into trying to attack you from the corner of a platform. In doing so, you'd be tricking the pathfinding routines and Mephisto would find himself unable to move out of the corner. He'd be completely vulnerable to your ranged attacks. The same thing can be done with Kulle on the invisible bridge.

Double Tyrael Glitch

Two Tyraels are better than one—at least, that's what the game thinks. When you're about to ascend to the Silver Spire and Tyrael gives you his blessings, there's a chance that two versions of Tyrael will be standing in the same spot where only one should be.

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