25 Worst Gaming Setups

This is going to get ugly...

by on 18th Jun, 2012

If you are the messiest person you know, or think that your computer rig is straight out of the early 90s, you might want to take a look at this list. All of these gaming setups are incredibly impractical, but most also border on masochistic. Some of these people may look a lot like hoarders, some may look as though they don't own anything at all, including furniture, but from jury rigged desks to towers without cases, the majority of these photos will make you cringe and wonder, "Where do people like this come from?"

For most people, gaming is a sort of religion and in that vein of thought, our desks are the temple. Aptly nicknamed, battlestations are where gamers play, eat, and even work for hours at a time. Unfortunately, not all of us can have the perfect setup, or even the most clean one, so take pity on the pictures you are about to view (most of which were taken from r/ShittyBattleStations).


Ah the classic CRT monitor, taking up 95% of the desk. While extending your desktop onto those two monitors, the resolution jumps to 1280x480. Also, I'm pretty sure half of that computer is missing and the disc drive is trying to escape.

Chances are, if your laptop is being held up by empty tissue boxes, you used them all while crying about how poor you are.

Well, I can't see anything going wrong with this setup. It's the new "open air" model.


Painter's tape and a fan are all that's keeping this desktop from overheating. If only there was such a thing as an internal fan...

I don't want to know what magic was required to get this setup working, but what I do know is that it's evil.

This one is titled, "Electrical Fire in the Making." Seriously, how do you even use that computer?

When setting up a computer outside, you really have nothing to worry about. Nothing at all. The natural elements love electronics.

Fact: the most stable desks are built with loose pieces of wood balanced precariously on a stool.

Next time, maybe fit a case into your PC budget.

It's a Nintendo rape dungeon, including a watchful Iwata portrait.

The tower of empty bottles moves closer by the day, inevitably consuming the whole computer within weeks.

The biggest feature of this cardboard desk is the complete lack of legroom.



This gaming rig comes with a homeless person!

Did your laptop screen mysteriously break off after a particularly awful round of League of Legends? This guy has you covered.

They might have a screen to protect against glare, but it's not doing much for the legroom. Also, my grandma wants her filing cabinet back.

I can think of at least ten ways that this setup can kill someone, including that cat.

Cinderblocks are like the Legos of desk building.

Well, all things considered, this guy has a fairly clean setup.

The dream of modern man is to be 5 inches thicker and have three speed settings. Unfortunately, that only applies to this laptop.

If you spend this much time in the bathroom, you should really see a doctor.

I didn't realize that case mods could also be wooden.

The dual CRT monitors are only one of the many offensive things in this photo.

There's nothing like taking something originally intended to be portable, and turning it into a behemoth.

The collective weight of this setup is well over 200 pounds. That desk is a champ.

After inhaling this much ammonia and fecal matter, your game of Amnesia will be paired well with Toxoplasmosis.

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