GamerSyndrome Fabricates Interview with BioWare, Next Mass Effect Release Date is a Hoax

They made it all up.

by on 13th Dec, 2012

mass effect

Earlier today, we ran a story about the release date of the next Mass Effect title. The story was based on an interview with BioWare producer Mike Gamble, now proven to be a fabrication, who had apparently dated the release of the game between “Late 2014 to Mid 2015.”

The interview in question was completely fabricated by GamerSyndrome or a writer at the outlet for reasons we can only guess at. The interview has since been retracted by the site’s administration with the following statement in its place [source]:

“This interview has been removed.  The information provided previously by the author of this post was deemed to be obtained from an inaccurate source and NOT an official  Bioware or EA interview response.  We apologize for the inconvinience.” [sic]

Misspellings aside, the interview’s veracity was brought to question when Tully Ackland, a community manager at BioWare, issued a stern denial over Twitter. He wrote:

“Just want to make it clear as I've had a few questions. Any rumours of release dates for our next Mass Effect project are completely false.”

The lengths to which some websites will go to garner pageviews will never cease to amaze me. 

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