Mass Effect's Lead Writer Working On The Next Installment

"Right now I’m actually just working on Mass Effect 4 (I wouldn’t call it 4, I’d just call it the next Mass Effect)."

by on 25th Apr, 2013

Pretty much every diehard Mass Effect fan has been waiting with bated breath for info of any kind, as it pertains to the next installment.

We all know another game is in the pipeline; even if BioWare hadn’t already made statements to the effect, it would still be a given, considering how part 3 wrapped up, plus this is also EA we’re talking about.

But at long last we have one tiny morsel of information to chew on, though it’s fairly significant. reports that at the Canadian Video Game Awards, the current lead writer for the franchise, Marc Walters, stated the following at a journalist Q&A:

"Right now I’m actually just working on Mass Effect 4 (I wouldn’t call it 4, I’d just call it the next Mass Effect). It’s coming out of Montreal."

Mass Effect 3 won big at the Canadian Video Game Awards, scoring best console game, best original music, and best writing.

One must assume that one primary criteria for being nominated is that a game must have been produced in the great white north (hence why ME3 was able to beat Journey, the one game that topped most other best of 2013 lists and awards.

Mass Effect 3 was produced primarily at BioWare's HQ, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The single player campaign at the very least. Whereas the multiplayer component was courtesy of the relatively new Montreal branch.

It has been rumored for some time now that they would be taking over the franchise, leaving the Edmonton team to work on something other than Mass Effect, something entirely different.

We will no double hear more at E3 this year. So the only question remains: will Walters, who was responsible for how part 3 ended, which was panned quite severely by many players as some might recall, be able to redeem himself with “Mass Effect 4”?

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